24-7 over tea

24-7 over tea -David Gilbey

I was delighted to welcome Brian Heasley, the Director of 24-7 Prayer GB, into my home for tea and a chat this morning. As well as unpacking the vision that God had given me for a Prayer Movement in Chelmsford, it was wonderful to hear of some of the many things that God is doing through 24-7 Prayer up and down this Nation.

For me, our discussions yielded a real sense that I am on the right road and that God is the driver of this thing. As well as looking at the physical shape of a Prayer room or centre, (of which there are as many as there are places of prayer themselves), it was good to discern that broadly, Brian’s sense of the heavenly perspective and results that God desires to bring through 24-7, is the same as He (God), has already been revealing to me.

I now have some praying to do, some books to read, (the Bible being a particularly good one here!) and in a couple of weeks have a meeting with Chelmsford lady from another church, who also has a vision for 24-7 prayer in the City. The ball is rolling.

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