Visions collide!

Visions collide – David Gilbey

I met Sue Gibson today for coffee. Sue, who is part of CGCC (Christian Growth Centre, Chelmsford). Sue is already much involved with interdenominational prayer ministry in Chelmsford and beyond. She had seen one of my previous posts on Facebook and had contacted me expressing that she too had a desire to see something like 24-7 Prayer in our City.

It was exciting to each share our respective visions and find that they corresponded in so many areas. It was a real; “for such a time as this” moment, for just a week or so after my initial investigations into the concepts of 24-7 Prayer had ended, here I was, almost immediately talking to someone, from Chelmsford, who is already linking and encouraging church leaders and members of various churches to be united in prayer for the City.

After a most delicious cappuccino, (thank you Sue), and an hour and a half of excited and animated discussion, we both sat and prayed right there in Costa Coffee, that God would reveal more of his plan for Chelmsford 24-7 and bring together a small group of other like minded enthusiasts to progress it further.

We will likely meet again shortly after Christmas. Meanwhile the casting of the vision will continue. Please pray.

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