Running to catch up!

Running to catch up – David Gilbey

This update is a little longer that previous ones, but I hope you will read on and see why!

In June 2014, I had a very vivid and I believe prophetic dream, whereby I was swimming in river with a number of others (whose identities were not apparent), and where a very smooth and gentle current was helping us along. Presently, we got to a fork in the river and the current was going to continue to take us on our comfortable journey to the right. However, I felt compelled to go to the left and had to swim quite deliberately and with a some tenacity, to get clear of the prevailing flow.

As I reached this left hand fork, a different and tremendously strong and fast flowing current literally picked me up and propelled me along this new route at breakneck speed. (I remember in the dream knowing it was at 70 mph). There was no need to swim anymore, simply to hang on for the ride, until after a short time, I stopped at what seemed to be a town?

Not directly connected to the river, I found myself by a canal with a flight of broken down and unservicable locks. I remember seeing buildings, in particular a shop of some description, seemingly set into he walls of one of these locks and at the bottom of the flight a lever. At this point, an unknown person suggested that if I pulled the lever, all the locks would be restored and work again.

In my last update on 1st January, I indicated that I was meeting several local Christians and leaders to discuss the way forward. This week I have met with my own pastor, a couple who are involved with running a monthly meeting in the City and two other local church ministers. This evening I am meeting someone who is an intercessor and next week am meeting twice, more people connected to local prayer groups.

I have received from all so far nothing but enthusiasm and an attitude of “let’s get on and do this!” Most excitingly, one of the ministers, who is fairly senior in the C of E, felt that the 24-7 Prayer concept to just what Chelmsford needed and suggested hooking up for a City wide  – even Chelmsford District wide prayer initiative in March. (I’ve counted up about 100 churches so far!) . The other minister proceeded to tell me that for him and his wife, this could well be the fulfillment of a prophesy for involvement in a new prayer movement in the City that they received in 2011.

Last night (Friday 9th), I felt that I needed to go to a meeting of called Revive in Southend. Revive consists of a number of churches in the Southend and Castle Point areas of South Essex, who have previously linked together with the aim of seeing revival in their district.

A man from Thurrock was also there, who was previously involved in 24-7 Prayer in his area and who was being prompted to see something similar again. We were both unexpectedly given two minutes each to speak to those assembled about the visions for our respective regions.

The vision of Revive increased last night, we did not just pray for revival in their area, but fervent prayers were expanded to include the whole of Southern Essex and beyond to the Nation. Something spiritually significant happened. The focus of Revive’s endevours is based on unity and love. God I believe, told me at the beginning of my journey into Chelmsford 24-7 that it must focus on bringing unity to the churches of this City. And two days ago He gave me the following passage from John 13:34-35:

A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.’

The Christian Believers of this City need to find a love for each other like never before, to focus on the Cross as the point of Unity and to put aside all lesser differences. If we do not show love for each other, how can the people out there in Chelmsford see and find Jesus?

So, back to the dream. lots of possible interpretations but I believe I am now definitely somewhere in the “left hand fork”. Things are going mighty fast at the moment. I hope to get a steering-group together in the next week or two to steady the journey a bit (or not!), so please pray that the right team comes together. There is also the week of prayer in March to consider further…

But what about you, which tributary of the river are you in? Are you content to stay in the safety of the meandering left hand fork, or are you up for a fast and far less predictable ride! I’ve no idea what happened to those that were originally with me when my dream commenced? As 2015 gets underway, which part of the river are you going to opt for?

Record what you believe God is saying or any other comments here:

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