God is up to something!

God is up to something! – David Gilbey

Last week, I felt I should make e-mail contact with the National Day of Prayer and Worship, Joining the Dots organisation (the one that organised the day of Prayer at Wembley in 2012 and which is still “joining the dots” around the country through prayer initiatives) and as a result, the same afternoon, spent well over an hour on a Skype call with their media and communications guy. We discussed what God is doing locally in East London and Essex and he very clearly affirmed to me that “God was up to something” through unity and prayer. They couldn’t quite put their finger on the entirety of what was unfolding, but my contacting him had certainly re-inforced the view that God was orchestrating something pretty big!

Chelmsford 24-7 seems to be a definite part of that “joining the dots” process. It’s a new impetus for unity and prayer amongst the churches of Chelmsford, but it is also part of God’s supernatural end-times plan to change utterly our Nation and turn it back to Him. As sin abounds, society crumbles with ever-increasing pace, previously non-negotiable boundaries are continually crossed and more and more lives spiral into despair, God is most decidedly still one step ahead.

God keeps impressing on me that we must not simply look in the 180 degrees of view available to us as we tread our daily lives. We must not rely on what we see, or what we have previously experienced to see what is on the horizon, but we must use our spiritual eyes, perceive the un-seen, take an “aerial view” and know that there are the greater certainties that God has prepared in advance for us. And that these certainties are apprehended by prayers of Faith.  (Read Hebrews 11).

During the forthcoming Week of Prayer, less than 2 weeks away now, please do pray for those things you see around you, both for those issues which require breakthrough, and in support of things that are already being blessed. But also pray for the things yet unseen, for what is not and seems impossible to become so. Prayers fused together with Biblical Faith always yield results of Biblical proportions. Step up and out with with boldness, lift big prayers to Heaven and we will see incredible results.