Go Chelmsford Churches, Go!

2017-02-09-10-46-09We had a brilliant morning Prayer Walking on the Melbourne Estate in the City.

Meeting at Chelmsford Community Church, (where they have a wonderful and well attended drop-in cafe for local mums, dad’s and older folk), 4 of us, from 4 different churches spent an hour or so walking part of the Estate, praying for the community in many different ways as we went.

As we set out, and after treading on some wet grass, I felt God telling me that we were ‘softening the ground’ for the Gospel as we went.

We met another Christian lady and were able to pray2017-02-09-11-21-50 for her daughter who was at that moment on the maternity ward in the middle of a difficult labour.

Later, as we returned, we bumped into Marina & Nick Price and Team who were out with The Healing Bus Prayer Ministry, who are much more ‘hands-on’ and who were speaking with and offering prayer to passers-by.

2017-02-09-11-44-44They were very near the spot where I had trodden on the wet grass and I felt in part we had been softening the ground in prayer for what they were now doing there.

It is so wonderful to see The Church in our City working in diverse ways, but at the same time together in the Unity of Jesus Christ, to see real blessing come upon all who live in or visit Chelmsford