Dream for a Prayer Centre in Chelmsford

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Dream for a Prayer Centre in Chelmsford – by Leader David Gilbey

Prayer Room 2In a central and visible location, rent and rate free, or vastly reduced, in a good state of repair, needs some parking, a large room for prayer with independent access 24-7. Tea & coffee facilities – maybe a cafe, offices – a place where absolutely anyone would be comfortable to walk into… and have a life changing encounter with God!

Just a few of things I, along with our Team, have been starting to dream for, to create Prayer Centre in the middle of our City. God seemed to say, right when He gave me the vision to start Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer in August 2014, that we would have one and recently, that vision has come back into focus.

A few weeks ago, I was at a Leaders Prayer Breakfast in Ipswich and after, was invited back to the town’s Elim Church to talk to their leadership about what we are doing with 24-7 Prayer. Whilst talking with the senior pastor, his assistant felt God had a Word for me. Part of this was that we would have a Prayer Centre, ‘sooner than we think’ and that it would be in a prominent position… and he was not sure about this, but felt it could be opposite a bank!

I then felt to contact a man in Chelmsford, that I have met periodically over many months and who, along with his church, has had a real vision for acquiring use of a building in the City Centre, that could be used by local Christians for community use. That had not come to fruition and the idea had been dropped. However, when I met him some three weeks after the visit to Ipswich, it turned out he had been having increasing thoughts about all of this and had just in the previous week I believe, made a fresh enquiry with the City Authorities to see what might be available.

A certain building was mentioned, which does happen to be opposite a bank! … but certainly this is nothing definite and am not sure this particular building is suitable. However, as a result, I am starting to push some further doors in expressing the intention that Chelmsford 24-7 is ready to go from Portable to Permanent!

Our Team has been asked to Dream. We still need a clearer Vision of what God has for this. If we start to put together in our minds what we see and desire for our City, I believe God will start to reveal what He has already prepared. Our thoughts need to align with His preparations.

If you have any insights into this… or maybe a spare building somewhere in the City Centre! do let us know. And please join us in dreaming.