A Prophetic Word

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On Thursday 26th October, during our regular Prayer Support Team Meeting, a Prophetic Word was presented by one of the members.

We feel that it is a very relevent and up to the moment word for us and the Christian Believers in our Nation.

Please weigh it carefully:

Prophecy 13th October 2017

I woke in the middle of the night and felt called by God to write the following;

‘I am the alpha and the omega, the first and the last. I reign in heaven but I see and know everything that happens on the earth, even those things that are done in secret, behind locked doors, out of sight.

I have seen and registered all these things and I tell you that retribution is coming for those who deal in deeds of darkness.

Do not fear for there is already a glimmer of light showing through the dark clouds.’

(At this point I had a time of confessing my sins.)

‘I am even now releasing the wind of my Spirit to blow through the world to bring healing and cleansing. This is not the second coming of my Son but it will block the plans of the enemy at this time and enable my plans to come together and be accomplished.

Keep praying, for this is a critical time; the enemy is deluded and would think that he is gaining the upper hand but he is falling into a trap.

Be on your guard, be alert and ready to move when I prompt you. Believe your eyes and ears, all that I will show you and say to you and above all be obedient to all I ask of you. Do not fear, put your hand in my hand and I will lead you forward into battle.

Always remember that Jesus has already won the victory; this will be just a skirmish and you will have my Heavenly Army fighting with you. Remember too that the enemy is very devious so be very attentive to all that I say to you.’

Colossians ch2 v15 (NEB)

On that cross he discarded all the cosmic powers and authorities like a garment. He made a public spectacle of them and led them captive in his triumphal procession.

Pat Brown