A Sound over Chelmsford

Watts, George Frederic, 1817-1904; The Wandering MinstrelWhilst away recently with my friend Peter Hill, seeing what God has for Call the Nation to Prayer, a man we stayed with overnight conveyed to me over breakfast something that he felt God had told him. He said that I was a ‘wandering minstrel’ for God’s Kingdom, that In essence, I carry and convey a ‘sound’, so as I connect with different people, ‘choirs’ form as they join and blend in, with their own ‘sound’!

This was particularly interesting, because over the previous couple of days whilst in Coventry, there was another mention of sound. We had being drawn to visit the City because of it’s geographical centrality in the Nation. There had been musing of the significance of the letter ‘C‘ –Coventry, Centre and musically, middle C.

Someone had mentioned that on one occasion they were in Amsterdam Central Piano AmsterdamRailway Station and that they had sounded middle C loudly on the piano there, listening to its resonance echoing out into the vast space of the building.

I believe God is creating a new sound, a ‘resonance’ over our City and across the UK. It could be singing or the playing of musical instruments, but it’s not traditional or even contemporary church music, or what you would hear at a ‘praise and worship event’ or on the latest You Tube clip from that well known band. Mostly it probably isn’t a sound based on musical notes at all.

sound wavesThe sound is actually the sound of Bible believing Christians – true followers of Jesus Christ. It is of those who had had enough of what our society has become, had enough of sin, those who care enough to lay it all down, repent, then rise up, ‘As One’, taking their place to do something about it.

It’s of those who will step outside the box, break religious tradition and cross and even demolish denominational boundaries. Those who desire again an Acts 2 Church. Those who are unselfish, give all they have to all in need, that heal the sick, raise the dead, weep with those who mourn. Those who restore hope and sanity where there seems none.

It’s those who reject division, hate and dis-unity of any kind, with an unconditional love that says, you are accepted, you are forgiven, because Jesus died not just for me… but you.

It is a sound of Heaven, heaven touching earth, of The Kingdom of God about to invade. An earthly army about to rub shoulders with the armies of heaven to take this planet back for Him. To take it back to His first design.

adam & Eve in garden

The sound is one of prayer. 24-7 prayer. This prayer comes out of a radical encounter with Jesus. It’s an abandoned, naked walk in the cool of the day with our loving Heavenly Father in the Garden, a restoration of relationship lost. The sound is one of arms thrown around necks and tear drops hitting the ground as forgiveness flows and relationships are restored – made totally new.

It’s the sound of the Wind of the Holy Spirit as we allow Him to blow us, take us wherever He will and whatever the cost.

It’s a sound that is surely gathering over Chelmsford, over the villages, towns and other cities of our Nation.

It’s a sound of a trumpet, ‘the last trump’, the sound that says He is coming again. Jesus is on the way.

It’s time to make your sound heard and get ready to greet Him.



David Gilbey
Leader, Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer