Introducing a Vision For, The Word Bookshop & Cafe, in Chelmsford

City Prayer are excited to announce that we are partnering with, specifically supporting in prayer, the vision for a new premises, in the centre of our City, for everyone who enters to have opportunity to access and encounter Jesus.

The Word Bookshop and Café

The Word Bookshop and Café is the vision of local Christian Linda Davis, who several years ago felt God clearly say to her that there should be a place in Chelmsford which would show and share the love of God with our citizens. It would do this as a bookshop and café stocked with the word of God and excellent food and drink.

The shop will be welcoming to all, staffed by people who love Jesus and filled with the desire to share their faith and pray with others.

The project is totally mission focused, non-denominational and it’s reason for being to offer hope, a listening ear, and the answer to everything, Jesus. It seeks to grow the Kingdom of God in Chelmsford by resourcing, serving and loving.

The Word Bookshop & Café would be a resource for local churches, that advertises and raises the profile of Christians and the work they do in the city, helping them take His presence outside the walls of their buildings.

Bringing the vision to reality, by prayer

City Prayer are joining with Linda and her own small team, who already have a Registered Company established and some funds accumulated, to be part of praying this enormous undertaking in!

Current prayer needs

Specifically, for a Christian accountant to assist with requests from HMRC. Preferably who will give their time free of charge.

Open doors, for the right contacts, provision of funds.

Provision of the perfect premises that the people of Chelmsford will have access and then an encounter with Jesus their Saviour.

Also, starting on Sunday 7th February, the now established, Praying Online for Chelmsford Zoom meeting, will include prayer for The Word Bookshop & Café.

Zoom logoSundays at 9pm for 30 minutes – all are very welcome to join us:
Meeting ID: 810 337 077

A combining of visions

It is worth saying that in 2014, founder of City Prayer, (then Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer), David Gilbey, when hearing The Lord tell him to establish a prayer movement in Chelmsford, also believed God said, ‘there will be a premises’, a place in our City Centre for prayer and encounter. David certainly feels that Linda’s vision is not at all unconnected and could well also be the fulfilment of that he himself still carries?

Start praying now and let’s see more of God’s Kingdom Come to our City.