Making Spaces

2015-06-01 19.23.38

YMCA Prayer Space signsOur plan to create a portable Prayer Space has landed!

Our first such Prayer Space took place at Chelmsford YMCA on Monday 1st June. They will now be monthly on a Monday evening 7pm to 10pm.  Next is 6 Julyfull details here.

Prayer Space through door
Andy Drake at prayer

A really big thanks to Andy Drake, CEO at the YMCA for allowing us to use their conference room for what was a brilliant evening. Eleven people came and went, using our resources to focus on and meet with God and to pray over our City and beyond. There was a real sense of God’s presence and as one lady who came along excitedly commented, “We’ve started!”.


Next Prayer Space – Friday 12 June – Cables House

This will be at our other venue, Cables House, next to Life Church, Hall Cables HouseSt. Chelmsford, CM2 0HG, 7pm to 10pm THIS FRIDAY. These will also be monthly on a Friday, some will be ending at 1am! Again, details are here. Please come along.


More Prayer Space venues required!

Prayer Space JackieWe wish to develop the portable Prayer Space concept and we would also like to find a venue in the City Centre to hold one each month over a lunchtime/early afternoon – please pray that somewhere suitable emerges. It could be a room in an office or shop – perhaps you work somewhere that would host one?

On Thursday 25 June, the Prayer Space will also visit Chelmsford Community Church (CCC),  for their monthly Prayer Meeting – if your church might be able to use it for a regular meeting or special event, please let me know. I am also available to speak about Chelmsford 24-7 ar services or other gatherings.


Update on The Spirit of Life Festival – Cathedral 30 May

Chelmsford 24-7 display and Prayer Space demonstrationWe had a stand at this great event, which was the Christian response to the many Mind, Body & Soul events that have sprung up. It was a great day, with many positive conversations.



Healing on the Streets (HOTS), were next to us (I had two hats on for the day!) and prayed for loads of people! One man subsequently contacted me and said, “Could you please pass on to the ladies who prayed for me at the Cathedral, that my foot has very much improved and the oedema had gone. I am able to get back into an exercise routine. Thanks ladies!” Praise God – Christians working together in unity.


Prayer Support Team meets

prayingCoordinated by Chelmsford 24-7 Steering Group member Sue Gibson, our Prayer Support Team is now providing consistent prayer support for our ongoing vision and development. I believe this is a significant milestone for us.

The Team will also feed back what they feel God might be saying to the Steering Group. They will stay in contact by email and text etc. They will meet as far as possible each month.

The initial meeting of this Team was held on the evening of 4 June.  We had a really powerful evening of sharing and praying for Chelmsford. We looked at a number of things from Chelmsford’s historical past and considered how in spiritual terms they might still be making an impact on the City today. There was a lot to take away to listen for God’s guidance on how to pray.

I felt God emphasising Ephesians 6:12: For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.’ Thank God that we already have the victory in Jesus and can pray confidently and with authority against such things.

If you would like to consider being part of this Team, please contact us and your message will be forwarded to Sue, who will be in touch.


Bless you all for your continued support.


David Gilbey

The Chelmsford Revival?

There continues to be a real sense that God is doing something new and exciting in Chelmsford. From numerous recent conversations, I sense that many people are praying afresh over the City, that God will pour out blessings and His transforming power. Christians for all denominations are coming together and praying with expectation.

We are doing what we set out to do and as unity and love between us continues to grow, the City will increasingly see that we are followers of Jesus (John 13: 34-35) and be attracted to Him shining through us.


Vision and Prayer

praying-handsOn the evening of Friday 15 May, about 30 people met for a Vision and Prayer Gathering, in Cables House, a large room in an office building next to and used by Life Church. I spoke about how Christians in Chelmsford have been praying for many decades (I remember praying about 35 years ago), to see the Kingdom of God come in power amongst us and how surely now the time was fast approaching to see that happen.

I gave the example of the Hebrides Revival, where in 1949 two elderly sisters, by prayer brought almost the entire population of those islands to their knees before God. If we pray and cry out to God, could we see The Chelmsford Revival?


A day at St Michael’s

St Michael's GalleywoodI was pleased to be able to set up our display stand and speak about Chelmsford 24-7 at St Michael’s Church in Galleywood, both morning and evening, last Sunday, 17 May. I had some great conversations and even met old friends who used to come along to my own church.

2015-05-06 15.08.32If your church might like a talk or message about Chelmsford 24-7 or prayer generally, either on a Sunday or mid-week, please let me know.



Spirit of Life Festival, Saturday 30 May

Don’t forget that we will have our stand at this event, which is Spirit of Life logoin the Cathedral, 10am to 5pm. Please pop in and say hello.

Further event details can be found here.


Prayer Spaces

Monday 1 June 2015 – at the YMCA

We are delighted to have partnered with the YMCA in Victoria Road, Chelmsford, who have offered one of their meeting rooms to us for occasional use as a Prayer Space. This is an initial trial of this idea, where between 7pm and 10pm, we will be creating there a simple portable ’24-7 style’ Prayer Room.

Join us to meet with God and to pray for our City and for our Nation, or indeed any matter which God has laid upon YMCA Prayer Space header for Facebookyour heart. You can come and go at any time during these 3 hours spending as much or as little time there as you are able.

We hope that this will develop into a regular venue, but at various hours and on different days, where a Prayer Space can be available to the people of Chelmsford.

Friday 12 June 2015 – at Cables House

Cables HouseSet to become a regular venue, similar to that proposed at the YMCA on 1 June, there will be a further portable prayer space at Cables House, (immediately to left of Life Church), Hall St. Chelmsford, CM2 0HG, open 7 to 10pm.


Prayer Support Team

A good number of people have now asked to be part of this new Team.

Coordinated by Chelmsford 24-7 Steering Group member Sue Gibson, this will provide consistent prayer support for our ongoing vision and development. An initial meeting of this Team will be held on the evening of 4 June in Chelmsford. Contact us if you might like to be involved.



donate heart croppedAs our work increrases and looking to the future, it is right that there is opportunity for those involved to contribute financially.

We now have a bank account set up and would encourage you to consider if you can support us in this way. Already one person has kindly set up a monthly standing order and we have also just received a very generous gift of £100 as well as other kind donations on our Vision evening.

Monies will initally go towards developing our portable prayer space, purchasing a good quality gazbo and for stationary and associated items.

For details of how to donate, go to this page on the website. Thank you so much.

Blessings to you all


David Gilbey

God is in Heaven and in Control

Praying for the Elections

On the evening of Wednesday 6 May, 21 Christians in Chelmsford, from a number of different churches and traditions took their part in an initiative called 7:14 Prayer, (see 2 Chronicles 7:14).

2015-05-06 19.31.03
Praying outside Chelmsford City Council Offices

Nationally, there was also a large gathering in London, and many other people met in their own towns and cities. Here in Chelmsford we gathered for an hour outside the City Council Offices, in Duke Street. We prayed and then walked the immediate area, continuing to seek God’s blessing over the City, the Nation and for the whole electoral process..

Birds sang and clouds scudded

The next morning, as the Polls opened, I sat in my back garden to pray and reflect for a while. As I did so, I was aware of birds singing, watched the clouds scudding across the sky, felt the sun periodically warming my skin and saw the trees and plants in and around my garden looking green and fresh.

Things were as they should be and I felt confident that God, who had created it all, was in heaven and fully in control.

God hears our prayers

On Friday morning,  as the unexpected Election results came in, there was disbelief for some and delight for others. The Media were full of reports and comments of how “no-one saw that coming!”. I went for a jog and ended up in the fields near my house. Again I heard birds singing, saw clouds in the sky (and I know the sun was up there behind them!), and observed lush greenery all around.

Things were still as they should be and I still felt totally confident that God, who had created it all, was in heaven and fully in control. I recalled this Bible passage, “God reigns above the nations, sitting on his holy throne.” Psalm 47:8 (NLT)..

We’re on the brink of something so exciting?

ElectionAs consternation and surprise continued, as party leaders resigned and pollsters scratched their heads, I had a definite sense that God had moved the Nation’s electorate, us, in response to all the prayers that had come before Him. And he was not at all surprised at the result.

Whilst watching the BBC coverage and after the Conservative majority was secure, they played a video of David Cameron speaking to his supporters at his HQ. Towards the end he said, “I think we [referring to the Country as a whole] are on the brink of something so exciting.”

I felt God speak to my heart. Although this is unlikely to be what the Prime Minister had in his mind, if indeed he even knew, I believe God was saying to me, do not fear, do not worry about the Political landscape, because an amazing Christian Revival for Great Britain is at hand!

I am certain this Nation is on the brink of something so exciting. Our role is simply to keep believing and praying.

Our next Prayer Event is on Friday 15 May – full details of this and all forthcoming events can be found here.

David Gilbey

Pray without ceasing

Smith Wigglesworth

The Healing Evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth once said in response to a question, that he never prayed for more than 20 minutes, but 20 minutes never went past when he didn’t pray. Continuous prayer (1 Thessalonians 5:17),  is not an easy thing to even contemplate, but perhaps becomes easier when we look too at the verses either side, “16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

It is easier to do anything if we are joyful about it. Nehemiah 8:10 declares, “…for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” And being thankful, (for there is always someone in a worse position than you), is not only a command of God, but changes our outlook and perspective from negative to positive.

Chelmsford 24-7 is a positive prayer organisation. We aim to see joyful, thankful prayer being poured out 24-7 upon the City and District of Chelmsford. Let’s continue to praise God for all the great things he is already doing and by our attitude as well as our words, without ceasing, we will speak light and life into our communities, turning ” night” to “day” in the lives or all who live, work or visit here.

Forthcoming Events May & June 2015 poster snip
Click to enlarge

Coming up

Don’t forget our three prayer events coming up in May and June. Spread the word and you can print leaflets and posters here.

The first is on Wednesday 6 May when we will meet outside the Chelmsford City Council Offices in Duke St. (by the bus station), to pray over the General and Local Elections.

Arrive for 7.10pm and at 7.14pm we will endeavour to have an hour of 7-14 Prayerpositive prayer outside the building and by prayer walking the area, joining with Christians up and down the land in an initiative called 7:14.

Find out more about this and the other events here.

Display board cropped
Click to enlarge

Display Board

We are pleased to have a new display board, for use at talks, events and prayer gatherings. It can be used as seen in the photo, or split down on a table-top. It will also form part of our proposed Portable Prayer Space.

If you are holding and event or meeting during this year and would like us to bring it along, please let me know (Contact Page here).

I am also able to give talks on Chelmsford 24-7, and about prayer. Invitations are welcome!

Creative Team

To further the Portable Prayer Space idea, we need one or two creative people to come on board. If you have design and/or practical skills, I would love to hear from you

praying-hands24-7 Prayer Support Team

Much of what we are about is praying for our communities and over the issues that affect our City. However, there is a real need to pray over the ongoing vision and direction of Chelmsford 24-7 itself. Our Steering Group and not least myself, need regular prayer support.

We therefore propose to have a group of people who will become a Support Team and who will pray alongside us and where God seems to be speaking, feed that into the Steering Group.

Becoming a member of this group will not preclude you from taking a full part in other prayer activities that we are involved in, but will involve a little more regular commitment and possibly some additional meetings specifically for this.

Sue Gibson will be heading this group up and will be speaking to those she already knows who are involved in prayer. However, anyone is very welcome to become involved with this. Let me know and I will pass your details to Sue. 

Blessings to you all for your continued interest and support.

David Gilbey

Three Prayer events coming up…

High St Good Friday 030415
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On Good Friday, 3 April, several hundred Christians from all denominations processed to the High Street in Chelmsford and in unity, held a meeting where the name of Jesus and the message of His Salvation was powerfully proclaimed with strong prayers being said over the City.

From the start to the finish, both in word and song, the name of Jesus and the message of His Salvation, freely available to all, was proclaimed loud and clear over the heart of the Chelmsford. I got a sense that there was both a physical and a spiritual proclamation taking place. Jesus is Lord in Chelmsford and the effects of that will increasingly be seen as we The Church, move increasingly together in love and unity, not least through prayer.


A Battle, Persistance is the Key

HOTS Team praying - from Chronicle
Chelmsford’s HOTS Team praying during the Week of Prayer

The Chelmsford 24-7 Week of Prayer in March was an amazing success, (read more here), again both physically, as all 168 hours of prayer were filled by individuals and groups , but also spiritually as declaration after declaration was made into the heavenly realms. A sweet aroma of prayer, (Revelation, chapter 5:8), did surely reach the throne of God, who will not fail to respond.

Prayers often seem to take a time to see an answer; I’m thinking of Daniel’s second prayer, (Book of Daniel, chapter 10; 12-13), which took three weeks to be answered, due to a battle taking place between the angels and the powers of darkness.

But answers will always come and persistence is often the key. “Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” (Luke chapter 18:1). The parable of the Persistent Widow urges us to keep praying, keep believing.


Three Prayer events coming up…

I am pleased to announce that Chelmsford 24-7 is arranging three prayer events in the next couple of months. Please put the dates in your diaries and let’s continue to pray and not give up! 


Wednesday 6 May 2015 – Prayer for the Election

7-14 PrayerBetween 7.14pm to 8.14pm, we will be joining Christians for all over the Country in an initiative called 7:14, (2 Chronicles 7:14), to pray over the General Election and also in our case specifically for the Chelmsford City and Parish Elections, all being held the next day 7 May.

Nationally, people are meeting in London, but we will meet outside the Civic Centre, Duke Street, (next to the Bus Station), Chelmsford to pray and walk the area.


Friday 15 May 2015 – Vision and Prayer Gathering

praying7.30pm for 8pm start at Cables House, (immediately to left of Life Church), Hall St. Chelmsford. You are encouraged to join us to hear more about the Vision for Chelmsford 24-7, for prayer and to see how you could potentially become involved as things develop.

David Gilbey will be speaking and revealing more about how Chelmsford 24-7 came about and how we, as “The Church” in Chelmsford standing in unity, can see the people of our City and District transformed by the love of Jesus. This will be accompanied by an opportunity for discussion and a time of prayer.


Monday 1 June 2015 – Prayer Space at the YMCA

YMCA Chelmsford

We are delighted to have partnered with the YMCA in Victoria Road, Chelmsford, who have offered one of their meeting room’s to us for occasional use as a Prayer Space. This is an initial trial of this idea, where between 7pm and 10pm, we will be creating there a simple “pop-up” 24-7 style Prayer Room. You can come and go at any time during these 3 hours as you are able.

We hope that this will develop into a regular venue, but at various hours and on different days, where a Prayer Space can, well “pop-up” and be available to the people of Chelmsford.


As well as these events, we also now have some pages on the website dedicated to advertising and promoting other Christian Local Events and Christian Organisations. If you are planning something, I am happy to consider promoting it too. Let me know via our Contact Page.

As the Week of Prayer closes, the future opens

As the Week of Prayer closes, the future opens – David Gilbey

Just four short months ago, Chelmsford 24-7 was still just a vision with a website, but little more. Now, together with the support of Christians representing no less than 53 churches and other Christian groups and organisations, both locally and even internationally, together and in unity we have nearly completed a whole week of 24-7 prayer over Chelmsford and District – 168 hours. Praise God!

2015-01-14 12.21.10 HDRAs part of this Week, on Wednesday 25 March, around 40 Christians, representing a wide span of churches and traditions, gathered at the City Sign in the High Street and for an hour and prayed over Chelmsford. We ended by standing around the Sign in a large circle, hands linked, as a symbol of unity and prayed earnestly for God to send revival.

BBC Essex were present and recorded some of our prayers and reaction from passers-by. bbc essexThis will be broadcast this Sunday morning, 29 March, on the Breakfast Show about 7.22am I am told! I will also be in the studio to give a live reaction to the Week of Prayer. Listen here.

I intend to publish some stories and further facts about the Week of Prayer in due course. If you took part, you will later receive another email asking for feedback.

The Future opens

This is certainly only the start of what God wants to continue in Chelmsford. We will continue to seek to be a catalyst to bring unity between our churches, in prayer and through prayer initiatives, to see the Kingdom of God come. Some amazing opportunities have already opened up and this is how the immediate future looks:

Church at Car Boot SaleBoreham Boot Fair

A group of our churches do, Church at Car Boot Sale and Chelmsford 24-7 have been invited to look at bringing a Prayer Tent alongside what they already do. I am going to meet them there on Sunday 26 April to discuss this further.


Following an unexpected email from the new CEO at the YMCA in YMCAVictoria Road, last week I popped along for a coffee and a chat. Within 15 minutes, Chelmsford 24-7 had been offered the use, free of charge, of a 50 square metre meeting room to use periodically as a prayer space. This is an amazing opportunity, central to town.

Pop-up Prayer Room

HTB pop prayer spaceGod had already been steering us in this direction, but with the above two offers in mind, we will be looking to create a pop-up/pack down portable prayer space that can be taken around the City, to churches and other venues and used for 24-7 style prayer activities.

There is no definative blue-print for such a thing, but it needs to be adaptable for both inside and outside use. A sturdy gazebo, pack down “prayer wall”, fold up cross, inflatable globe of the world and a crate containing various resources all come to mind. We may well need a small creative team to come together to develop this – might you be interested?

A display board

display boardTo start things off, I have just purchased a portable display board, that will shortly be available to be taken to churches and events to promote Chelmsford 24-7. Let me know if you can think of a fete, fair or other church evening or day where we can use this.

Financedonate heart

We have no money! I am really pleased to have been able to support all that we have so far done and will continue to do so as best as I am able, but in order to enlarge and develop our activities, we will need some cash flow. A Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer bank account is currently being opened and details of how to support us financially will be made known soon.

A Meeting and Prayer Time in May – date to be announced

Finally, just to mention that in May, we intend to hold a meeting to draw together people who want to know more and who would like to consider having greater involvement with Chelmsford 24-7. As already mentioned, we will likely need some creative people, those who will help man our proposed Prayer Space and not least those who can stir up a further passion through prayer to see Jesus bring revival to our City and district. Once a date and venue is fixed I will let you know. Meanwhile, if you would like to put yourself forward as a potential volunteer, please contact us.

As always, thank you all so much for the support you have already shown for Chelmsford 24-7 and keep praying  – really pray for guidance, wisdom and to be amazed at what God is going to do.

7 days without prayer makes 1 week

7 days without prayer makes 1 week – David Gilbey

I think you will see the double meaning of the word week in the above heading and if a lack of prayer will cause a lack of power in our lives, how much more true is the fact that continuous prayer will bring great strength. The Week of Prayer over Chelmsford and District is nearly upon us. It’s time to arise!

It has been amazing to see the response to this call to prayer, and through speaking to many people now, to see and tangibly feel such heartfelt desire for a new unity and purpose to come upon the Body of Christ here in Chelmsford. We are “The Church” in Chelmsford, not simply a collection of churches. We need to increasingly do what we do together.

I believe that the unity in purpose shown through what will be a near constant 24-7 prayer meeting next week, is going to have a powerful effect, firstly in the heavenly realms, indeed far more than we will immediately physically comprehend. I strongly sense that as our prayers and petitions rise like incense, they will fill the Golden Bowls in Heaven and reach the very Throne of God as a great cloud of sweet-smelling perfume (see Revelation 5:8).

Stirred by our prayers, In God’s perfect timing, the answers will surely come flooding back. The Bowls will tip and cascade God’s Glory into each and every situation, back down to earth and out across the City.

We will all pray for many things during our Week of Prayer, for a great diversity of situations, but above all pray for revival, for men and women and children alike to fall under the heaven-sent conviction that Jesus Christ is the only Way, the only Truth and is Life Eternal. As each experience personal transformation through a relationship with Jesus, our society will likewise dramatically change, in our City and outwards to our Nation.

God is up to something!

God is up to something! – David Gilbey

Last week, I felt I should make e-mail contact with the National Day of Prayer and Worship, Joining the Dots organisation (the one that organised the day of Prayer at Wembley in 2012 and which is still “joining the dots” around the country through prayer initiatives) and as a result, the same afternoon, spent well over an hour on a Skype call with their media and communications guy. We discussed what God is doing locally in East London and Essex and he very clearly affirmed to me that “God was up to something” through unity and prayer. They couldn’t quite put their finger on the entirety of what was unfolding, but my contacting him had certainly re-inforced the view that God was orchestrating something pretty big!

Chelmsford 24-7 seems to be a definite part of that “joining the dots” process. It’s a new impetus for unity and prayer amongst the churches of Chelmsford, but it is also part of God’s supernatural end-times plan to change utterly our Nation and turn it back to Him. As sin abounds, society crumbles with ever-increasing pace, previously non-negotiable boundaries are continually crossed and more and more lives spiral into despair, God is most decidedly still one step ahead.

God keeps impressing on me that we must not simply look in the 180 degrees of view available to us as we tread our daily lives. We must not rely on what we see, or what we have previously experienced to see what is on the horizon, but we must use our spiritual eyes, perceive the un-seen, take an “aerial view” and know that there are the greater certainties that God has prepared in advance for us. And that these certainties are apprehended by prayers of Faith.  (Read Hebrews 11).

During the forthcoming Week of Prayer, less than 2 weeks away now, please do pray for those things you see around you, both for those issues which require breakthrough, and in support of things that are already being blessed. But also pray for the things yet unseen, for what is not and seems impossible to become so. Prayers fused together with Biblical Faith always yield results of Biblical proportions. Step up and out with with boldness, lift big prayers to Heaven and we will see incredible results.

Re-building the Walls

Re-building the Walls – David Gilbey

Chelmsford doesn’t have City walls, but in many ways, although ostensibly prosperous and developing, as with any town or city there are many “cracks” that become apparent when you start to look beyond the surface. There is much joy and contentment to be found here but nonetheless, many our friends and neighbours still suffer from the same heartaches and traumas that pervade our society at large; relationship breakdowns, ill-health, debt, depression, homelessness, addiction, these and many more, a list even we as Christians can know all too well. The walls, the once thought certainties of our lives crumble, sometimes they completely collapse.

But God is in the re-building business.

In the Biblical book of Nehemiah, the walls of Jerusalem had literally come down. God spoke to Nehemiah and he brought together the Peoples of that City, those with position and those without, the rich and the poor, as residents of different districts, religious or family groups or those who were of particular trades or professions. All then set out to re-build their section of wall and together, despite much opposition, eventually and gloriously succeeded.

The Week of Prayer is still 3 weeks away and at the time of writing this people from 32 churches and prayer groups both in and spread around the outskirts of Chelmsford have already come together and signed up to pray together for 114 out of a possible 168 hours. Check out the list of who’s booked to pray. Amazing!

Keep spreading the word, it doesn’t matter how many people eventually fill any one hour of prayer, let’s fill and keep filling these slots so that the whole City and District is saturated with the sound of prayer and petition for those 7 days 22 – 28 March.

Let us “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

We are God’s hands and feet and voices, responding to His call to re-build. Our tools are Unity, Love and Prayer.

Practical things concerning the Week of Prayer

Week of Prayer 22 - 28 March 2015 Information Pack first page

Download and print an Information Pack containing all you need to know to sign up, including Week of Prayer 22 - 28 March 2015 A4 Posterposters and flyers. Print and distribute widely!

The website has other resources on it too.

Week of Prayer 22 - 28 March 2015 Prayer Topics first pageDownload and print a list of Prayer Topics specifically written for Chelmsford to stimulate your prayers.



2015-01-14 12.21.10 HDR

Also, don’t forget we would like as many people as possible to meet to pray by the City Sign in the High Street midday, Wednesday 25th March.

BBC Essex will be there and recording for an item on the breakfast show on Sunday 29th.

Further details here.

Less than 4 weeks to go

Less than 4 weeks to go – David Gilbey

Week of Prayer 22 - 28 March 2015 A4 Poster
Download and distribute posters and leaflets – click on the image to go to a download page

Our Week of Prayer 22 – 28 March will be commencing in less than 4 weeks and I am pleased to say that already 57 hours, just over a third of the 168 available are booked.

That still leaves 111 to go!

Sign up now!

I have now contacted by email all but a handful of the close on 100 churches in the City and District, but am still awaiting responses from many, so please pass the word around to anyone you know who attends a local Fellowship.

However, as of 23rd February, the following churches and groups, including individuals who attend these churches, have booked prayer slots. The latest is Chelmsford City Council Christian Fellowship, which is really encouraging:

  • Ascension with All Saints, Chelmsford
  • Christian Growth Centre, Billericay
  • Christian Growth Centre, Chelmsford
  • Church of the Holy Spirit, Westlands
  • Chelmsford City Council Christian Fellowship
  • Chelmsford Community Church, Melbourne
  • Chelmsford Vineyard
  • Life Church, Chelmsford (Elim)
  • Lydia Prayer Group, Chelmsford
  • Meadgate Church, Great Baddow
  • Springfield Park Baptist Church, Chelmsford
  • St Mary with St Leonard, Broomfield
  • St Mary’s Great Baddow
  • St Mary’s, Widford
  • St Michael’s Galleywood

I am aware of several others, individuals and churches who have expressed that they will be signing up and I would encourage you to do so as soon as possible. A link to the Online Prayer Calendar is here.


  • You can book the same periods as others, BUT you are encouraged where possible to take vacant hours, so every one of the 168 is eventually filled.
  • If you would prefer, you can email us with the hour(s) you would like and I will book them for you. Email

Prayer at the City Sign – midday 25th March 2015-01-14 12.21.10 HDR

As previously mentioned, we would like everyone who can, to meet at the City Sign, High St junction with Springfield Road at midday Wednesday 25th March – the very mid-point of the Week of Prayer. Put this is your diaries now!

BBC Essex will be attending and recording for a slot on the Peter Holmes Breakfast Show, Sunday 29th March.

We may move on from there to pray at other key points in the City and details will be announced nearer the time. This page will be kept updated.

So, a big thank you to all who are already signed up to the Week of Prayer or are planning to do so. But once again, please spread the word to your church leader, prayer group and to anyone you know who can be encouraged to join us – don’t assume that they know.

Pray that all those emails sent to churches in the last two weeks will be opened and responded to and that follow up strategies will also be sucessful.

Finally, you might be interested in this prophetic word that was published on 18th February, which resonates well for our aim to have a Prayer Centre in the City (Source here):

There will be a ROAR of Prayer heard from desperate hearts in the UK. Prayer will be a way of life in many small Hamlets and Villages, and many homes will become chapels of healing and miracles.

Central London will have an epic move of God as He sends in intercessors in tandem with relevant and fiery Revivalists who will have such a strong presence of God with the Power of Holy Spirit, bringing conviction that even the hardest atheist observing it all will be made to run away in terror at the potent power of God falling upon the people.

Joel 2:25
“And I will restore or replace for you the years that the locust has eaten–the hopping locust, the stripping locust, and the crawling locust, my great army, which I sent among you.”

Houses of hope and care will spring up in smaller surrounding areas, where these whom have once been bound will be cared for and restored.”

Once again, thank you for all you amazing prayers and support.


The Christians of Chelmsford praying for our City, Nation and World