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A Month of Sundays

A Month of Sundays – the world has fast forwarded 10 years in the past year!

 As churches resume ‘actual’ services, it might be a good time to STOP for four weeks…!  

Not going back to how things were before, but going forward based on what has been learned.

 ‘Follow a roadmap towards Joining Jesus in His Mission by becoming a disciple-making  community’.


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The Holy Spirit told us exactly what to do

The Rooftop Prayer & Encounter

At this evenings, The Rooftop Prayer & Encounter meeting, an incredible story was told concerning two young Chinese women from Hong Kong, who felt The Lord tell them to go to be missionaries on an island off of the mainland, where there were no Christians.

Two years later, they returned to Hong Kong to buy Bibles and amazing story emerged of prayer and encounter with The Holy Spirit, that led to thousands becoming followers of Jesus.

How did they do it… read on…

The Holy Spirit Told Us Exactly What To Do

Several high-ranking church leaders from Europe, one a bishop of his denomination, visited a pastor in Hong Kong. The pastor took them to visit some of the churches. They found them inspiring, and uniquely Chinese, but they wondered aloud if perhaps they werent seeing the real church. They had felt the warmth of the heat through the vent, but they wanted to see the furnace where the fire raged.

On the final day of their visit, the pastor hoped to show them what they wanted to see. He knew they would not really be satisfied, nor would their trip to China be considered a success unless they met a real church planter.

At their last stop, the pastor discovered that two young women had just returned from their mission station for a short visit, so he asked them to come to the hotel late, to meet the visiting church leaders. These young ladies had both become Christian as teenagers while listening to radio broadcasts, and they each had immediately felt the call to be a missionary. The pastor had met with them and attempted to teach them how to witness right where they were.

No,they insisted, the Bible you gave us says Jesus said to go to all the world. We want to go.

But,the pastor argued, you have only been Christians for six months, and you are so young.

They replied, Pastor, we have read everything Jesus said and nowhere does he ask people how old they are. We want to go.

Smiling, the pastor asked them, But can you give me an exegesis of the five classical appearances of the great commission in the New Testament?

Their disappointed faces made him feel ashamed.

Very well. We need some workers on Hainan Island.

Hainan Island, we have never heard of it.

The pastor said, It is an island off the mainland. The people there are fishermen. It is very rough. There are no Christians there. For young ladies it might be dangerous.

Excitedly they responded, How soon can we go?

Well, I have to go back to Hong Kong and make arrangements. There will be…..

They interrupted him, Oh no, no, we must not wait. Our Lord said go,not sit around and plan. We will go to this place – what did you call it?” “Hainan. Hainan Island.They looked at each other, rolled the name around in their mouths, repeating it. Hainan, yes Hainan. That is where the Lord wants us to go.

They had been there for two years and were now back for a short period of time to try to get Bibles and other literature for their new churches. The pastor had not seen them since the day they insisted that they go now!

After the arrangements were made, he went to the lobby at the appointed time and waited for the ladies to arrive so he could escort them to meet the visitors. While he waited, he watched the bellboys in their crisp, tailored uniforms, and the tourists who attempted to be casual in their designer clothes.

Then he spotted the two young women. Oh no, he thought as they walked in. They looked mystified by the revolving door; then they saw the pastor. Their black pyjamas and broad-brimmed fishermen hats stood in stark contrast to the appearance of the sophisticated hotel receptionist, quickly making her way towards them. The tourists ogled with that how quaintlook so often directed to the nationals.

The pastor moved quickly to intercede. Its all right, they are here to see me.

Several people stood staring as he greeted them as politely as possible without drawing too much attention.

Come, we will go to my room to meet some people from Europe.

The two women looked at each other, then apprehensively followed behind, looking down at their bare feet sinking into the carpet. They attempted to step more lightly, as though they were afraid they would sink into this beautifully coloured mud. The pastor pushed the elevator button, keeping his head down and afraid to catch any of the many eyes staring in his direction. The elevator arrived and the doors slid open.

The two women looked as astonished as they had at the revolving door. Several tourists smiled at them as they stepped on. There were more how quaintlooks. The elevator operator pretended not to notice his passengers as he asked for the floor number. The womens wonder changed to fear as the doors closed and their first elevator ride began to ascend.

Once in the room, the two European church officials graciously greeted them. They motioned for the women to sit down. The pastor pulled chairs toward them, so they would not sit on the floor. He gave a quick briefing to his guests and then proceeded to ask the young ladies questions, interpreting for his guests as he went along.

Pastor, ask them how many churches they have established on Hainan.

The women put their heads down and answered, Oh Pastor, we have only been there two years…..yes, two years. Not many. Not very many.Their voices were apologetic.

How many?

Oh, not many, not many. We have only been there a short time. The people were not very friendly, no, not very friendly. Sometimes they became very vicious. Yes, sometimes they told us they were going to drown us in the ocean. Several men threatened us. Oh my, and because we were so young, even some of the ladies did not like us. Yes, some even called us terrible names…so not many churches…no, not many.

The pastor interrupted and slowly repeated the words, How many? How many?

Again they both replied, Not many, oh no, we have done very poorly, not many.

The pastor fairly shouted the words, How many?

There was a moment of silence, then one of the women looked up with embarrassment and anguish, as though confessing to a crime, Only thirteen.The pastor looked astonished and interpreted for the guests. Thirteen.

One of the guests repeated the number, Only thirteen, only – my goodness. I havent planted that many churches in my lifetime.

One of the pastors assistants interrupted, No Pastor, she did not say thirteen. She said thirty.

The pastor looked at the two young women and asked, Thirty?

Oh yes, not many, we have done very poorly. Only thirty…..

The two guests could only mutter, Thirty churches in two years, my word……

Again the women began to apologise when the pastor interrupted to ask another question, How many people are in the churches?” “How many?…..

Oh not many……Again both heads went down, apologising for their failure. Not many.

The process repeated itself until, again, the pastor looked like he was ready to shake them and practically yelled, How many?

Only two hundred and twenty people. Not many, no….not many.

Quickly multiplying in his head, the pastor said, Two hundred and twenty. Two hundred and twenty in thirty churches?

Oh no, in only one, but that one is a very small church, very small. There are bigger ones……

As the pastor interrupted he heard the numbers repeated by his guests;

Two hundred and twenty is small? Dear Lord, I wish I had some that large.”.

Very small….not many,the ladies mumbled.

Ask them how many are in the big churches.

The process began….but with a more reverent inquiry: And how many in the big churches? You know the biggest one?

Oh….not many” “I know, not many.

But, please ladies, how many?

Oh, less than five thousand. Only four thousand nine hundred…..Yes, less than five thousand. We have just started.

From behind the pastor came the sound of weeping;

Dear Lord, forgive us.” “What did they do? How did they do it? Ask them what they did?

When asked, they looked astonished. What did we do? Why nothing. Yes, we did nothing, nothing.

You did nothing? You have thirty churches – the smallest with two hundred and twenty people, the largest with almost five thousand new Christians! And you did nothing?

No, nothing, we just prayed.

I know you prayed, but what else did you do?

After we prayed, the Holy Spirit would tell us exactly what to do. We would keep praying and He would tell us what to do, we would do it. Then we prayed and then He would tell us what to do.

We would do it and keep praying…….

Dear Lord, they JUST prayed and the Holy Spirit told them exactly what to do and they prayed…..

The pastor laid his hands on the shoulders of the two sisters. Behind him his two guests, on their knees, weeping, joined as they just prayed.

Carl Lawrence


The Rooftop Prayer & Encounter – Starts Thur. 4 Feb.

2019-10-13 20.05.08City Prayer, has partnered with global ministry, The Rooftop and we want to invite you to a new weekly time of encounter and exploration!
The Rooftop exists to equip Christians to join Jesus in his mission by equipping disciples who make disciples.
The Rooftop is inspired by Peter’s rooftop encounter with God recorded in Acts 10, which led to the spread of the Gospel ‘beyond the walls’ of the church.
2nd October 2022, The Rooftop Global Encounter, will be launched from Chelmsford, the birthplace of radio and indeed all modern communications. The Rooftop Global Encounters is anticipated to be to be the world’s largest Christian gathering, aiming to realign the focus from inside the walls of church buildings to God’s work beyond the walls.
The Rooftop Prayer & Encounter
Commencing Thursday 4th February 2021, 9pm to 9.30pm and then every Thursday, there will be a new weekly online meeting.
Together we will:
Explore the vision of The Rooftop
Pray over the emerging work of The Rooftop in the UK.
Pray for the Global Encounter.
and by no means least:
Make space for your own life changing, ‘rooftop encounter’ with God.
Whether in Chelmsford or anywhere in the UK, you are very welcome to join us and maybe become part of 
the journey with The Rooftop:
The meetings will be hosted by leader of City Prayer, Chelmsford and UK Pioneer for The Rooftop, David Gilbey.

Zoom logoThursdays at 9pm for 30 minutes
Meeting ID: 810 337 077


Rooftop Global encounter 021022

Introducing a Vision For, The Word Bookshop & Cafe, in Chelmsford

City Prayer are excited to announce that we are partnering with, specifically supporting in prayer, the vision for a new premises, in the centre of our City, for everyone who enters to have opportunity to access and encounter Jesus.

The Word Bookshop and Café

The Word Bookshop and Café is the vision of local Christian Linda Davis, who several years ago felt God clearly say to her that there should be a place in Chelmsford which would show and share the love of God with our citizens. It would do this as a bookshop and café stocked with the word of God and excellent food and drink.

The shop will be welcoming to all, staffed by people who love Jesus and filled with the desire to share their faith and pray with others.

The project is totally mission focused, non-denominational and it’s reason for being to offer hope, a listening ear, and the answer to everything, Jesus. It seeks to grow the Kingdom of God in Chelmsford by resourcing, serving and loving.

The Word Bookshop & Café would be a resource for local churches, that advertises and raises the profile of Christians and the work they do in the city, helping them take His presence outside the walls of their buildings.

Bringing the vision to reality, by prayer

City Prayer are joining with Linda and her own small team, who already have a Registered Company established and some funds accumulated, to be part of praying this enormous undertaking in!

Current prayer needs

Specifically, for a Christian accountant to assist with requests from HMRC. Preferably who will give their time free of charge.

Open doors, for the right contacts, provision of funds.

Provision of the perfect premises that the people of Chelmsford will have access and then an encounter with Jesus their Saviour.

Also, starting on Sunday 7th February, the now established, Praying Online for Chelmsford Zoom meeting, will include prayer for The Word Bookshop & Café.

Zoom logoSundays at 9pm for 30 minutes – all are very welcome to join us:
Meeting ID: 810 337 077

A combining of visions

It is worth saying that in 2014, founder of City Prayer, (then Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer), David Gilbey, when hearing The Lord tell him to establish a prayer movement in Chelmsford, also believed God said, ‘there will be a premises’, a place in our City Centre for prayer and encounter. David certainly feels that Linda’s vision is not at all unconnected and could well also be the fulfilment of that he himself still carries?

Start praying now and let’s see more of God’s Kingdom Come to our City.

The Rooftop – new Website launched

Be part of the Global Rooftop world map

Find out more at


The Rooftop is a global ministry equipping Christians to join Jesus in his mission by equipping disciples who make disciples. The Rooftop is inspired by Peter’s rooftop encounter with God recorded in Acts 10, which led to the spread of the Gospel ‘beyond the walls’ of the church.

City Prayer in the City of Chelmsford, the Birthplace of Radio, has partnered with The Rooftop, who are organising The Rooftop Global Encounter, the world’s largest Christian gathering to realign the focus from inside the walls of church buildings to God’s work beyond the walls.

To achieve this vision we are empowering Christians globally to unite on October 2, 2022 by hosting their own Rooftop Encounter with God, connecting millions at the same time.

Rooftop Global encounter 021022

Behold I do a New Thing! – A new season ahead for prayer in the City

An important message from City Prayer Leader, David Gilbey

2019-02-26 11.33.17-2Hello everyone, trust that you are continuing to navigate the ‘strange times’ that we find ourselves living in and are finding strength, peace and purpose in The Lord.

In September I sent a circulation to those on our mailing list. It had the following written in the first couple of lines:

He [God] has I believe given us a time to pause, breathe and prepare for what He will reveal in due time for His Church here – get ready for [really] different! All is in God’s perfect ‘Kairos’ timing.

I am pleased to say that I believe that one significant step for City Prayer has now been revealed and it starts with a personal announcement about a new role that I have moved into. This will affect everything that I am presently involved in and things are likely to look very different and will greatly affect the ongoing ministry of City Prayer.

The Rooftop – Joining Jesus in His Mission

Logo -sky backgroundSome of you will already be aware of my journey and growing relationship with the expanding global movement known as The Rooftop.

I am excited to tell you that with immediate effect, I have accepted an invitation to serve as The Rooftop UK Pioneer.

A focus point for City Prayer will now shift to supporting The Rooftop here in the UK and myself as Chelmsford based UK Pioneer, as its message to join Jesus in His Mission, goes to the nation.

I will also simply say that there is a second specific new focus for City Prayer presently under consideration and subject of discussions.

The existing role for City Prayer, that encourages the Christians of the City to pray in unity will continue, including at the moment our twice a week 30 minutes of Zoom prayer, which has a focus on the coronavirus situation – see the last part of this newsletter for details how to join in.

A New Chapter - snip of page 1I have prepared a document which will tell you more about The Rooftop and for context, some personal background as to how I find myself now in this role:

click here to view/download the document as a pdf

A summary also follows:

The Rooftop – a brief overview

Founded in 2014 by Essex man, Rev. Dennis Pethers, from small beginnings, it now has a rapidly expanding representation in thirty plus countries around the globe.

Carries a passion to see a vast number of Christians and churches be proactive in sharing their faith, joining Jesus in His Mission.

Based on the moment in scripture where Peter went to a rooftop to pray, he received from The Holy Spirit a fresh vision of God’s heart for the lost, which allowed the Good News to spread to the Gentiles. (Acts 10). Many Believers today also need such an encounter, leading to their own paradigm shift in thinking and vision.

Groups of Christians have their own Rooftop Encounter. If possible on a roof top or high place over their city, town, or region. Together, they take part in a guided time of prayer, listening to God and with opportunity for an encounter with The Holy Spirit. Many leave with a new commitment to relationship and unity in The Spirit to join Jesus in His mission to the lost.

National Pioneers are commissioned in each country and develop relationship and partnership with individual churches, local, regional or national Christian organisations, streams and denominations. In turn, these are encouraged to become Partners and ambassadors for The Rooftop where they are.

Chelmsford to The World – October 2022

2019-10-13 20.05.08The current rallying call of The Rooftop, is The Rooftop Global Encounter which will take place in just under two years time, on 2nd October 2022. Through Partnerships, it is envisaged that potentially thousands of Rooftop Encounters will all take place on one day across the world.

The Global Encounter will be launched our City – Chelmsford, ‘The Birthplace of Radio’. In 1920, through the pioneering work of Marconi, the first ever transatlantic commercial radio broadcast was made from Chelmsford. The Rooftop strongly believes that through this amazing legacy and this time utilising modern media and TV/video broadcast technology, Chelmsford has been once again positioned by The Lord to be a most strategic place of global transmission, but this time for the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

My role and a new role for City Prayer to support The Rooftop

My immediate task is to share and offer understanding of the Vision of The Rooftop to my friends and existing contacts (in this case yourselves!). Gradually this will expand to others in local, regional and national contexts who already share The Lord’s heart to see the UK turn to Jesus. My experience over many years now is that God has an amazing way of opening doors to meet just the right people at just the right time..

The City Prayer website will be updated soon to reflect the new Partnership with The Rooftop and more will be circulated soon as to how you can specifically pray and support as things develop. Very exciting times ahead and it would be wonderful if you can continue and support the journey.

Blessings to you all.
David Gilbey
Leader, City Prayer

A Day of Prophetic Intercession – 18th January 2020

A day of prophetic intercession -180120 - A4 -A5
Click on the above image to open as a pdf – please feel free to share the event widely!

City Prayer in Chelmsford have joined with Transforming Essex for a Day of Prophetic Intercession – a call to all around the County of Essex with a heart for prayer and the prophetic.

There will be time for worship, to listen and to pray, for networking and together we hope to discern what the Lord is doing around Essex and where we can join Him, to see our County transformed by the Kingdom of God.

Saturday 18th January 2020
Refreshments from 10 am, starting at 10.30 am
Finish about 3 pm
Life Church, Hall Street,
Chelmsford, CM2 0HG

No need to book, just turn up on the day.

Tea/coffee and biscuits will be provided during the day. Please bring a packed lunch, or there are a number of food outlets nearby.

We will take up a free will offering to cover expenses.

Getting there / parking

The Church is a 15 minute walk from Chelmsford railway station.

Buses, including from the City’s Park and Ride, stop on Parkway, about 100 yards from the Church. For Park and Ride details, click here.

There will be no parking at the Church and the closest public car parks are, Parkway, (directly behind the Church and accessible by steps), or Moulsham Street, (entrance in George Street, which is also slightly cheaper). You may find these and all car park details on the Chelmsford City Council website – click here.

Event Background

Transforming Essex logoEssex is often portrayed with a negative reputation; Essex girls and white van man!

From a vision in 2018 by a group of eight church leaders in the south of Essex, Transforming Essex is a growing family of believers pursuing God’s heart to transform Essex in all sections of society.

During 2019, Transforming Essex launched the concept of Roundtables. These are groups of like minded individuals who will join together to seek God, discuss, strategise, celebrate, communicate and act on the things God calls them to collectively, all with the aim of seeing the County thrive and see it walk in its heavenly identity.

One of these emerging groups is the Transforming Essex Intercessors Roundtable who, in partnership with Chelmsford’s City Prayer, have felt to issue this County-wide call to gather  – possibly the first time such a call has been given?

We invite you to become part the journey to see Essex transformed by the Kingdom of God.

If you have any questions, please click here and complete the Contact Form.

Melding with Christians Together in Chelmsford

2019-02-26 11.33.17-2A Melding is taking place

Leader of Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer and Chair of Christians Together in Chelmsford, David Gilbey writes:

Ever since Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer began, I have had a clear sense that it was all about the Christians of our City coming together. The Church, not simply The Churches in Chelmsford. 

In 2015, I believed one of my first tasks was to connect with the then Churches Together in Chelmsford group, and immediately a positive relationship was birthed, that has continued to grow and develop. 

When, in May 2018, I felt led to stand to be Chair of Christians Together in Chelmsford, (name changed in 2016), I knew without a doubt that part of the journey would be in some way, to see a ‘melding’ of the two organisations. That journey is underway.

I am certain that the regular Prayer Spaces and Prayer Walks that I felt God tell us to facilitate over the last three or so years, around the churches of the City, have played a crucial role to sow and nurture the seeds of unity and love, for what God is now putting into place. But over recent months, these seem to have naturally diminished and by next month, we will be left with just two regular Prayer Spaces in the Cathedral, on the 1st  and 3rd Wednesdays.

Behold I do a new thing!

In the last few months, we have opened up what was a prayer meeting specifically for Chelmsford 24-7 supporters, to the whole City – in firm partnership with CTiC.

Snip of Prayer Support meetings decal - no date

Prayer for our City is a monthly meeting on the 4th Thursday each month, at The Church of the Holy Spirit, Forest Drive, Chelmsford. Everyone is now welcome – all who want to see The Kingdom of God come to our City and Nation.

Chelmsford  – a Kingdom City

Town signChelmsford is no longer, as in its history, a provincial market town, but since 2012, a City – one that has a God given purpose and destiny.

Since the beginning of 2019, I believe that The Lord has started to reveal vision and strategy for our City as a place where The things of the Kingdom of God can be known and found, by all in our region and nation.

This is a bold assertion and those leading both Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer and CTiC are taking careful steps, one at a time, to listen to God further and in conjunction with other Christian leaders here, to see what this might mean.

We are in exciting times and we must, similar as in the Bible book of Revelation, listen to what The Spirit is saying to to The Church in Chelmsford  -and act accordingly!

More will gradually be revealed!

So, the organisation, and name of Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer will gradually decrease and give way to CTiC.

More about the vision for our City and information relating to Christian activity here, including prayer, will henceforth appear at, rather than on this website.

A tremendous thank you to all who have been on the journey with Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer. We pray you will continue it with us. alongside, literally as Christians together in Chelmsford.



Prayer for Our City – this Thursday – Read why you should not miss it!

Everyone is welcome to join us this Thursday, 7.45pm for 8pm, at the Church of The Holy Spirit, Forest Drive, Chelmsford, CM1 2TS, to pray over our City.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been some exciting developments… read below, why you shouldn’t miss this meeting!

Snip of Prayer Support meetings decal - no date

Leader of Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer, and Chair of Christians Together in Chelmsford, David Gilbey explains why you need to come along on Thursday and to invite others to pray:

‘At the beginning of January, I went at a national and regional leaders 24 hour Prayer Retreat organised by World Prayer Centre,  and I believe The Lord gave a clear message to all present about being prepared for ‘Suddenlies’!

Personally too, at the beginning of the Retreat I believe God brought to my thoughts that He was going to bring the ministries I lead in Chelmsford and another Nationally, (Call the Nation to Prayer), together in some way.

arrow in targetAt the end of the 24 hours away, I was prayed over by a lady who knew nothing of my thoughts, who spoke prophetically the same thing, that the ministries I am involved in would be consolidated – she said she saw in her mind a target with an arrow in the middle.

Then, just two days later, a ‘suddenly happened! I received a personal email, then two hours later, had a conversation with a member of The House of Lords, who I had never heard of before, which resulted in meeting him and others last Friday week in Meriden, West Midlands.  It was there, in September last year, Call the Nation to Prayer, held two prophetic gatherings, called ‘As One’  – you can read about them by clicking here.

I cannot say too much more here, but I believe The Lord is birthing something, that could have terrific significance for His Kingdom in our City.

Then – A Prophetic Word over Chelmsford last Saturday

2019-01-19 10.15.11-1

If one suddenly was not enough, on Saturday just gone there was a Prayer Breakfast at The Church of the Holy Spirit, Chelmsford, where the speaker was Jennifer Abigail Wallace, of  National Prayer Movement, Quiver.

At the end of the morning, she suddenly released a prophetic word over Chelmsford. She spoke fervently of revival coming to our City – of mass salvations and healing miracles!

Click here to view a video of the word as it was given by Jennifer.  

Something is stirring! We need to get before The Lord in Prayer, to hear His voice further and for wisdom as to the next steps of faith to take.

Please do your best to come along on Thursday evening, where I will be able to say some more. Come and pray for, His KIngdom Come, His will be done, in Chelmsford, as it is in Heaven!’


David Gilbey

Strike the Ground – National Day of Prayer 26th Jan 2019

national day of prayer 260119

Let’s all Strike the Ground

The following is a Message just received today, 18th January, from Adele Richards, Senior Leader, Catch the Fire Bournemouth.

‘Yesterday morning I received some strategy from the Lord during my prayer time.

Dr Sharon Stone prophesied in her word for the year that in 2019 there would be more National Days of Prayer and I was happy to see that David Hathaway had organised one for Saturday 26 January, as an event in Wembley with Lou Engle, Betty King, James Aladiran and others leading the prayer. But yesterday I realised that we (as NDOP) were supposed to be adding our voice to this and calling the whole nation to pray again on the date set by David Hathaway.

david hathaway's day of prayer 260119
Click on the picture above for more details and to book to pray at Wembley

The strategy is simply to encourage people to get along to Wembley Arena to pray together if they can, but if they can’t to pray and fast where they are…in homes, churches, prayer rooms…whatever they can organise at late notice.

So here I am again, sounding the trumpet to echo David Hathaway’s call to prayer. The verse I got was 2 Kings 13.18 where Elisha tells the King to strike the ground with the arrows. Had the king struck the ground enough times, Israel’s enemies would have been completely defeated.

I believe we need to unite again across the country in another national day of prayer on the 26th and in this way we strike the ground again and prepare the land for what God wants to do in Britain.

I appreciate this doesn’t leave you as a leader much time to communicate to your people or organise a prayer meeting…but perhaps you have prayer warriors in your church that could gather people in their home, or open up your church on that day.

Perhaps you have time to email the Facebook page to your people, here’s the link:

I’ve recorded a short video explaining why it’s so important that we all join in on the 26th wherever we are, and there’s a link to buy tickets for those who can get to Wembley.’

Thank you so much!