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Strike the Ground – National Day of Prayer 26th Jan 2019

national day of prayer 260119

Let’s all Strike the Ground

The following is a Message just received today, 18th January, from Adele Richards, Senior Leader, Catch the Fire Bournemouth.

‘Yesterday morning I received some strategy from the Lord during my prayer time.

Dr Sharon Stone prophesied in her word for the year that in 2019 there would be more National Days of Prayer and I was happy to see that David Hathaway had organised one for Saturday 26 January, as an event in Wembley with Lou Engle, Betty King, James Aladiran and others leading the prayer. But yesterday I realised that we (as NDOP) were supposed to be adding our voice to this and calling the whole nation to pray again on the date set by David Hathaway.

david hathaway's day of prayer 260119
Click on the picture above for more details and to book to pray at Wembley

The strategy is simply to encourage people to get along to Wembley Arena to pray together if they can, but if they can’t to pray and fast where they are…in homes, churches, prayer rooms…whatever they can organise at late notice.

So here I am again, sounding the trumpet to echo David Hathaway’s call to prayer. The verse I got was 2 Kings 13.18 where Elisha tells the King to strike the ground with the arrows. Had the king struck the ground enough times, Israel’s enemies would have been completely defeated.

I believe we need to unite again across the country in another national day of prayer on the 26th and in this way we strike the ground again and prepare the land for what God wants to do in Britain.

I appreciate this doesn’t leave you as a leader much time to communicate to your people or organise a prayer meeting…but perhaps you have prayer warriors in your church that could gather people in their home, or open up your church on that day.

Perhaps you have time to email the Facebook page to your people, here’s the link:

I’ve recorded a short video explaining why it’s so important that we all join in on the 26th wherever we are, and there’s a link to buy tickets for those who can get to Wembley.’

Thank you so much!


SYM – News and Prayer Letter

Schools and Youth Ministries, (SYM), is a Chelmsford based organisation dedicated to providing a highly professional service which supports students and schools. They aim to help schools provide a broad, rich curriculum especially in the areas of social, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

We are glad to be able to provide a link to their new monthly News and Prayer Letter.

Click below to view or download the newsletter as a PDF

Click on picture to view

Also, do check out their website: 


Network for Revival

tony higtonIt seems that barely a week passes without hearing of a new gathering to pray for our nation, or an organisation or individual, who is encouraging us to pray for revival and renewal. The Lord is truly stirring his people to their knees!

A day or two ago, Network for Revival was brought to our attention, which is headed up by retired Anglican vicar, Rev. Tony Higton, for many years vicar at Hawkwell, near Chelmsford.

On his website, Tony says:

‘I’ve been in the Church of England Ministry for decades but had not thought much about Revival throughout most of my ministry…’

Tony goes on to say:

‘Then a couple of years ago I began to take Revival seriously because of the post-Christian state of British society, with so many people without God and without hope. The Lord’s name is being dishonoured and the cross ignored.’

Tony has posted some powerful insights and teaching about Revival and encouragements for consistent and persistent prayer. Do check his website out.

Quiver Prayer Breakfast – 19th Jan 2018

9.30 am to 12.30 pm, Saturday 19th January 2019.
Church of the The Holy Spirit, Forest Drive, Chelmsford, CM1 2TS

Both Men & Women welcome. Cost £3.

Speaker Rev. Jennifer Wallace of Quiver Prayer

Contact to reserve your place

Prayer Breakfast Quiver 190119

From 2016, QUIVER began to hold Prayer Breakfasts around the United Kingdom. These prayer breakfasts are hosted by individuals, churches, groups of friends or people who want to know more about QUIVER or learn more about prayer.

These prayer breakfasts are an opportunity to not only pray, but also learn more about prayer and living an effective Christian life. Teachings include, The Fundamentals of Prayer, Keys to Effective Prayer, Understanding The Kingdom of God, Living The Kingdom Life In Our Communities, Principles Governing Warfare, Practising Spiritual Warfare, and many more.

Fire is about to fall on your prayer life

There are many ‘prophetic words’ out there at the moment, but this, published 7th December, which comes from Lana Vawser, living in Australia – website – resonates most strongly with us.

See what The Lord says to you. 

Fire fall


The Lord has been speaking to me so much about fire falling on prayer lives in this new era. As I sat with the Lord asking Him what was on His heart regarding prayer, I heard the Lord say:

“Fire is about to fall on prayer lives and catapult My people into unchartered territories in prayer.”

An explosion of joy bubbled forth within me and I was overcome by the heart of the Lord, the invitation to position ourselves in prayer more than ever before, because there are UNEXPLORED AREAS in prayer that He wants to take us in.

There are keys, strategies and deeper levels of His heart that He is inviting us into in this new era. The place of seeing and partnering with the strategy of heaven, even when it looks completely different to anything we have ever seen and praying His heart, praying His Word, praying His dreams into the earth. There is such a deeper area of His heart that is going to be revealed in this new era that is going to see some of the greatest demonstrations of His power that we have ever seen.

I have been hearing the sound of earthquakes in the spirit and in my dreams recently and as I have sat with the Lord, one thing that He keeps speaking over and over is in this new era the body of Christ are about to be ASTONISHED by the POWER OF PRAYER!!!!

There is going to be such violent, glorious, rumbles of intercession that are going to manifest in prayer lives, rooms and places unlike anything we have experienced before. Prayer rooms, houses, lives and gatherings are about to SHAKE with the power of God as the prayers of the saints arise. There are going to be louder groanings of intercession that is going to come upon the body of Christ in order to BIRTH the mighty explosive move of God upon the earth that we are all anticipating.

“And in a similar way, the Holy Spirit takes hold of us in our human frailty to empower us in our weakness. For example, at times we don’t even know how to pray, or know the best things to ask for. But the Holy Spirit rises up within us to super-intercede on our behalf, pleading to God with emotional sighs too deep for words.” – Romans 8:24 (The Passion Translation)

“Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.” – Romans 8:24 (English Standard Version)

I had a vision where I saw many in their secret place in deep intercession, people gathered in homes, prayer houses, churches crying out in deep intercession and all of a sudden I saw LIGHTNING come out of the heavens and met with the intercession of the saints. [See Jean Darnall’s vision regards lightning strikes on the UK – click here].

I could hear Him decreeing:

“It’s going to be like nothing you have ever seen. It’s going to be like nothing you have ever seen. How am I going to move through the prayers and intercession of My people in this new era will be UNPRECEDENTED! The way that My power is going to be displayed through the groanings of My Spirit through My people will bring SUDDEN, EXPLOSIVE breakthroughs, shifts and divine rearrangements.”

His decree continued:

“Here comes another baptism of fire upon the prayer lives of My people. Here comes another baptism of fire upon the prayer houses. Here comes another baptism of fire upon the prayer lines. Here comes another baptism of fire upon the place of 2 or 3 gathering in My name. There is a divine glorious stirring of My Spirit in this new era that is igniting such a deep fire within My people to spend more time in prayer than they ever have before. But My people do not FEAR the rumbling. Do not FEAR the travail. Pray it through! Pray it through and watch Me make history THROUGH YOU!!!!”


I heard the Lord decree again:

“My fire is coming in unprecedented levels upon the UPPER ROOMS. Fire on the UPPER ROOMS like in ACTS is about to EXPLODE AGAIN that even the WORLD will take notice of the supernatural demonstrations of My power and signs and wonders.”

(Acts 2)


I then had a vision where I saw the Lord’s eyes roaming the earth and He was asking a question…

“Who will carry My heart? Who will lay down preconceived ideas, expectations and agendas and come to Me to ask Me for My heart to then enter into the deepest realms of intercession to see it manifest and the world changed?”

There was such a beautiful invitation of the Lord to receive His heart for our families, our cities, our nations and the earth and to partner with Him to pray His heart, His purposes and His plans into being.


I heard the Lord decree:

“I WILL SHAKE YOU AWAKE” and suddenly I saw the fire of God and the power of God crash in to different places, churches and areas in the body of Christ where the Bride has been sleeping, where there has been complacency, where there has been apathy and SUDDENLY the Lord came with fire and power and INTERRUPTED. This divine interruptions and demonstrations of His power in the most UNEXPECTED places will SHAKE His people awake.

I then heard the Lord say:

“Watch as some of the most “asleep” places in the body of Christ are SUDDENLY transformed by a Sovereign move of My fire and power and some of the greatest PRAYER MOVEMENTS will begin from these places that will radically transform their cities. I am a God who cannot be contained. I am a God who cannot be limited and I am going to display My power in this new era in SIGNS, WONDERS and MIRACLES that will leave you in AWE. Some of the DRYEST of places are about to become some of the deepest wells of My Spirit as My Spirit crashes in and breaks out and deep repentance takes place in their midst and suddenly My power is manifest all around.”


I watched as the fire of God was falling on the prayer lives, lines and houses and a deep birthing was taking place in intercession as the Spirit of God took His people into deeper levels of intercession and prayer and I heard the sound of REPENTANCE LOUDLY RESOUNDING.

I could hear all of heaven calling forth through intercession:


It was a summoning call from the Lord being birthed in the body of Christ where the sound of repentance was becoming LOUD in the body of Christ.

Compromise, complacency, sin, double mindedness, oppression and so much more was SUDDENLY falling off so many of God’s people as they were RUNNING towards Him in repentance. The holiness and fear of God was SO strong!!! There was a trembling fear of God that was upon the Church that was REQUIRING a DECISION again to RETURN to your first love or to remain in a place of lukewarmness. The love of God was SO strong, His wide open arms were SO evident, He was calling His people forth and MANY were falling on their faces in repentance and returning to their first love – beautiful JESUS!!!

There was also a deep sound of repentance arising from many in the body of Christ for living in doubt and not taking the Lord at His Word. As the deep repentance was taking place the fire of conviction and awakening to the truth of Matthew 19:26 “With God ALL things are possible” was increasing dramatically. The SOUND OF FAITH was resounding LOUDLY!


As this deep move of His Spirit upon prayer lives was taking place an even deeper summoning sound to RETURN back to Him was exploding in the earth. It was calling the people of the earth back to their heavenly Father, back to their Creator, back to the One and Only true God – Jesus Christ.

The Lord spoke again:

“Lana, HEAR the summoning sound. HEAR the summoning sound of the harvest in intercession. It has begun but it is about to get LOUDER than it has ever been. Listen to the SUMMONING SOUND.”

Suddenly I could hear John 3:16 RESOUNDING LOUDER than EVER throughout the earth:

“For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son that whoever shall believe in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

I began to think of all the glorious ways I have seen Him move in this last year and how exciting it is to see what He is doing and the interrupted my thoughts:

“Lana, the SUMMONING SOUND is about to get louder than EVER. You ain’t seen NOTHING yet. What is going to be seen on the earth has NEVER been seen before and it is closer than ever. This deeper level of intercession and fire upon prayer lives is going to birth the greatest move of My Spirit that has EVER been seen. The travail will be deep, but My GLORY that shall be seen and cover the earth will be unprecedented.”

I watched as THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of prodigals began running home.

Friends, things are shifting. Things are changing. Don’t be afraid of the major shaking that is coming upon your prayer lives, the prayer lines in churches and prayer houses. God has already begun to come in powerful ways like we have never seen but there is a MAJOR trembling and shaking of His power and fire that is about to fall.

You are about to be awakened in ways you have NEVER imagined to the POWER of prayer and the miraculous answers to prayers, shifts and acceleration of the manifestation of His promises that are going to be displayed upon the earth.

As His people, we must not sit on our hands and just ‘wait’ for God to do everything. We MUST engage. We MUST be intentional. We MUST cry out. We MUST ask (Jeremiah 33:3). Ask! Ask! Ask! Position yourself in the place of prayer however He shows you in response to His summoning call.

Unprecedented, uncharted areas of prayer, intercession and the depths of His heart await!

National Day of Prayer this Sunday 9th Dec – join for 2 hrs of Prayer in Chelmsford

A message from Chelmsford 24-7 Leader and Chair of Christians Together in Chelmsford, David Gilbey:


ndop 081218You may have seen our last Blog Post concerning a National Day of Prayer for our Government, called by Catch the Fire Church, Bournemouth – Click here to read.

Whilst encouraging the Christian’s of our City to take part in this National Day of Prayer within their own Churches, I recognise this will not be possible for all.

I am therefore prompted to be at Cables House, the building next to my own church, to pray this Sunday evening for two hours and would urge all others who are also burdened to pray at this time of uncertainty in Government, particularly over over Brexit, to come along, for whatever length of time you can.

So, I will simply turn up, unlock the door and see who joins me! The prayers will be informal, as the Holy Spirit leads and have no political agenda! The Bible simply calls us to pray over those who govern us and that is what we must do.

I hope you can join me on Sunday. You might want to consider this prayer:



Here’s a prayer that we can all unite around and pray together:

1 Tim 2:1 Heavenly Father I give thanks for our government.
1 Tim 2:2 I pray for all men and women having authority over us in any way.
Prov 1:23 Pour out your Spirit upon them and make Your Word known to them.
Ps 25:21 Cause them to be men and women of integrity, obedient concerning us,
1 Tim 2:2 that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life, in all godliness and honesty.
Prov 2:10 Let wisdom enter their hearts, and let knowledge be pleasant to them.
Prov 2.11 Let discretion preserve them and understanding keep them,
Prov 2:12 to deliver them from the way of evil and from evil men.
Ps 1:1 Make their hearts and ears attentive to godly counsel,
2 Chr 20:32 doing what is right in your sight.
Prov. 2:21 Let the upright dwell in our government.
Heb 12:27 Cause there to be a shaking in all areas.
Prov 2:21 Let those complete and blameless before you stay
Prov 2:22 and cut off the wicked. Let the unfaithful be rooted out.
1 Cor 4:5 Bring to light what is hidden in darkness,
1 Cor 4:5 and expose the secret aims of their hearts.
Rev 2:5 Let this nation remember from where we have fallen,
Rev 2:5 repenting, and returning to doing our first works,
1 Chr 22:19 setting our hearts and souls to seek the Lord,
2 Chr 7:14 humbling ourselves, praying, and turning from our wicked ways.
2 Chr 7:14 Then hear us, O Lord, and forgive our sins and heal our land.
Acts 26:18 Open our eyes and turn us from darkness to light.
Heb 3:13 Soften the hearts that are hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.
Ps 107:20 Deliver them from their destructions.
2Pet 3:9 Father, you have been long-suffering towards us,
2 Pet 3:9 not willing that any should perish,
2 Pet 3:9 but that all should come to repentance.
Isa 49:22 Raise up a standard in this nation.
Zech 10:1 Cause the rains of Your Spirit to flood this land
Hab 3:2 and revive Your work in the midst of us.
Isa 59:16 Raise up intercessors for this nation
2 Cor 10:4 to pull down strongholds over this land.
Isa 40:5 And let the glory of the Lord be revealed!

(Prayer by Carol Ann Kononova of


Can a Nation Be Changed in a Day? – National Day of Prayer – Sun 9 Dec.

UPDATE on 3rd December – Join the National Day of Prayer for our Government, in Chelmsford:

Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer are calling for Christians to gather in our City to Prayer for our National Government, on the evening of Sunday 9th December, for 2 hours, 7pm to 9pm, at Cables House, next to Life Church, Hall Street, Chelmsford, CM2 0HG – full details – click here. 

ndop 081218We are excited to hear of so many at the present time organising and being involved in times of prayer for our Nation.

Today, we heard of Catch the Fire, a church in Bournemouth on the south coast, who are challenged by The Lord to call a National Day of Prayer for Government on Sunday 9th December 2018. 

The day is inspired by Isaiah 66:8 and calls for Believers to use their God given authority to call in Divine order to the UK:

“Who has ever heard of such things? Who has ever seen things like this? Can a country be born in a day or a nation brought forth in a moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in labour than she gives birth to her children.” 

The Senior Leader at the Church said:

‘I wondered who I could influence to organise [a National day of Prayer]… I thought of the biggest names I know in ministry and if I could get them to do it. Then I figured as I had the vision for it I better do it and just release it on Facebook and see what happens.’

Already several thousand people have engaged through their Facebook Page (click here). God surely wants ‘grassroots’ believers to take up the call to praying for the UK – as well as ‘big’ prayer organisations and well known leaders.

The National Day of Prayer, on Sunday 9th December, can be taken up wherever you are, in your own City, Town, Village.

Full details are on the Church’s website:

As Believers around the UK – including we hope in Chelmsford – on Sunday 9th December join together in prayer, The Lord will, like Gideon’s Army, surely multiply the effect. We will see Victory, and the Name of Jesus Christ lifted up across our Land.


Pray Honestly – Thur 6 Dec.

Everyone is welcome to an evening of chat, worship and prayer (and hot chocolate) to explore the often overwhelming nature of life.

There will be an opportunity to pray for each other and for those who we know are struggling.

7.45pm to 9.30pm, The Barn, St.Martin’s Church, Little Waltham, Chelmsford, CM3 3JL 

Kintsugi Hope is a new charity set up to provide safe and supportive spaces for people who may be struggling with life and feel a bit broken.

Pray Honestly 061218

United in Prayer – for our young people – 19 Nov.

United in Prayer

Mon 19 Nov 19:00 – 21:00
Holy Trinity Springfield, Trinity Road, CM2 6HS

An Opportunity to learn together, share experience and pray for young people.

Join Chelmsford’s Schools Youth Ministries team to find out more about mentoring, hearing some good news stories, reflecting on challenges, sharing our own experience and praying for young people.

All are welcome – no experience is necessary!

United in Prayer 191118