Regional Meeting – A Kingdom Opportunity – 4 Nov 2017

As Our Nation is Shaken – A Kingdom Opportunity 

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A Kingdom Opportunity - publicity A5 advertThis day-long meeting was a City-wide and Regional gathering of worship, teaching, declaration and prayer was for all who want to see the Kingdom of God come to our Towns, Cities and Nation.

We had around 100 people come and join us, for what was a powerful day of hearing from God for the season ahead.

The strap-line we used was; Using our influence in all the spheres of society and our Spiritual Authority in the place of prayer, from our families and communities to Government, God has given His people the opportunity to shape the nation for the season ahead.

The purpose of the day was also to encourage unity and see relationships and friendships built between leaders and all others who are praying throughout East Anglia and beyond.

Suzanne FerrettOur main speaker was Suzanne Ferrett of Passion for the Nation – – and Peter Hill, from Canada who was given the vision for Call the Nation to Prayer  –

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In 1971, during the UK Charismatic Revival, Peter Hill founded the National Festival of Light, which saw around 300 firey beacons lit around the Nation and tens of thousands of Christians marching for moral righteousness in London. Out of this the Christian organisation CARE formed.

Peter later moved to Canada, but unexpectedly, in June 2015, God awoke him in his bed and told him to be involved in Calling the Nation of England to Prayer.


The Christians of Chelmsford praying for our City, Nation and World