4th Nov 2017 – audio recordings of the day

We are pleased to make recordings of our Regional Gathering on Saturday 4th November 2017, As Our Nation is Shaken – A Kingdom Opportunity available to you:


Morning Session

Passion for the Nation – Session 1 – Suzanne Ferrett (the first few minutes were not recorded due to a technical issue and the recording is introduced by David Gilbey)


Session before lunch

Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer and Call the Nation to Prayer – David Gilbey, then Peter Hill, (also Andy Reed towards the end).

David Gilbey talk 041117


Session after lunch

Passion for the Nation – Session 2 – Suzanne Ferrett (also Word from David Gilbey towards the end).


Last Session

Words and prayers – Peter Hill and David Gilbey, with contributions from many people present. Pianist is Carolyn Seeman.

The Christians of Chelmsford praying for our City, Nation and World